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A prospective movie maker in New York and an aspiring actress… a man needing to prove himself to a woman, an attraction, a passion … a journey together ‘on a roll’, from an uncertain start to a breathtaking conclusion; a magical love story and a captivating adventure.

The premier Feature Movie slated for production by Way To Roll Pictures, Way To Roll is a romantic comedy drama aimed not only at an International audience, but also at a socially diverse audience. The script has been written to transcend social boundaries and appeal to a mass audience from all cultures, backgrounds and social strata.

Essentially a love story with a drug twist (and a few other twists along the way), Way To Roll hinges on the journey of the two central characters with certain fundamentally opposing mind-sets: idealistic and marijuana-loving movie maker Rein, and the beautiful ‘anti-drugs of any kind’ actress Jeanie. The story begins with their initial meeting and very hesitant partnership in his final year production project and moves through their falling in love and finally through to the cataclysmic finale, hinging through its entirety on an extraordinary chemistry between the two characters.
This love story in turn unfolds within the context of global ‘current events’ as well as through a colorful and surprising tapestry of events and incidents, from violent to funny to eye-opening, that occur as the two travel from New York to  Miami and finally to South Africa. This story ends, when the fat lady sings!

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Way to Roll Pictures is registered in South Africa as a motion picture production company.

Established to create fresh and innovative mass appeal cinema with long term industry prospects for all involved, Way To Roll Pictures  has been created to engage in the development, production and marketing of motion pictures for worldwide theatrical, DVD/Blu-Ray and Television distribution.

Made up of a team of talented, creative and enthusiastic industry professionals, Way To Roll Pictures strength stems from a combination of  the highest quality skills, talent, experience, knowledge, passion and ambition, in addition to expertise in management, technical and creative areas and associations with external party support.

Way To Roll is Way To Roll Pictures first production; the screenplay has been developed to appeal to global mass markets, incorporating themes and many of the wide-appeal elements from some of the most popular productions in recent cinematic history – from Up in Smoke, Pulp Fiction, Pineapple Express, The Hangover, Get Him To The Greek to The Passion of Christ – all rolled into an extraordinary love story


A Vision That Rolls Beyond ‘Way To Roll’…

Created to as a production vehicle for WAY TO ROLL – the Movie, Way To Roll Pictures has a vision that goes beyond the release of its first and flagship feature movie. Way To Roll Pictures has a mission to be an innovative industry player – a South African film production company with a vision that goes beyond its own success; a vision for the future of movie-making in South Africa… 

Way To Roll Pictures wants to do more than simply entertain; our mission is to enrich and inspire those who watch our films.  We have something to say about the world we live in, about the human condition and we want to say it through our productions.

We also want to inspire creativity in other talented individuals in South Africa through promotion of the local film industry. To this end we pledge to donate the money we save by using digital cinematography instead of 35mm film to education in movie-making in South Africa.

We aim to produce many more feature movies for the international market, and through application of the above, we intend to contribute to the South African economy. Through investing profits back into the movie-making sector in South Africa, we will be helping to create job opportunities in the movie industry sector.

We also believe that locally produced movies set in South Africa will have a wider impact than simply employment opportunities. People are increasingly motivated to travel to places that they have seen in their favorite movies.

The global benchmarking survey “TRAVEL SAT COMPETITIVE INDEX” ( has noted that around 40 million international tourists choose their next travel destination primarily because they see a movie shot in that particular location, and up to 10 out of 100 choose destinations thanks to movies.

We have an inspired idea we truly believe in, and we have the skills, motivation and discipline to bring that idea to life. We are inspired to make our production company’s vision a reality – and take Way To Roll Pictures into the future of movie making as both a leader in and an integral part of South Africa’s up and coming movie industry.