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About Way To Roll Movie


A prospective movie maker in New York and an aspiring actress… a man needing to prove himself to a woman, an attraction, a passion … a journey together ‘on a roll’, from an uncertain start to a breathtaking conclusion; a magical love story and a captivating adventure.

The premier Feature Movie slated for production by Way To Roll Pictures, Way To Roll is a romantic comedy drama aimed not only at an International audience, but also at a socially diverse audience. The script has been written to transcend social boundaries and appeal to a mass audience from all cultures, backgrounds and social strata.

Essentially a love story with a drug twist (and a few other twists along the way), Way To Roll hinges on the journey of the two central characters with certain fundamentally opposing mind-sets: idealistic and marijuana-loving film-maker Rein, and the beautiful ‘anti-drugs of any kind’ actress Jeanie. The story begins with their initial meeting and very hesitant partnership in his final year production project and moves through their falling in love and finally through to the cataclysmic finale, hinging through its entirety on an extraordinary chemistry between the two characters.
This love story in turn unfolds within the context of global ‘current events’ as well as through a colorful and surprising tapestry of events and incidents, from violent to funny to eye-opening, that occur as the two travel from New York to Miami and finally to South Africa.

A multi-dimensional story, Way To Roll also addresses social issues in a novel and unique way that can be described as free, direct, funny, elegant and uncontrollable.

The central characters are designed to be particularly engaging and to appeal to a wide cross-section of society, and as such call for superb casting.
Jeanie is extraordinarily beautiful, self-assured, funny, dynamic, wild and free … and utterly adorable! Her appeal is matched by that of male principle, the romantic and idealistic Rein, who shares her dynamic character and sense of humor, even as they are distinguished by crucial differences that create the basis for an intense love story as well as some of the series of ‘incidents’ through which their passion for each other emerges.

The part of Rein will be played by the creator of Way To Roll, producer/ director/ writer and actor Abraham Frederick Strauss, while the part of Jeanie is open to a talent as special and distinguished as the character.

They will in turn be supported by a multidimensional and fascinating support cast drawn from a pool of professional talent as well as amateur and so called real life or ‘off the street’ non-actors.

Sexy, rambunctious, aggressive…Way To Roll will have the capacity to touch people of all ages and from all backgrounds – through a superb cast and excellently executed script, cinematography,  production design, wardrobe, hair styles and music score.

A production that showcases the input of scores of talented people, Way To Roll will be high comedy dramatic and romantic entertainment: extraordinary, fun, loving, crazy, organic, intimate, elegant, exciting, dangerous,  wild, out-of-control, unpredictable, outrageous and rock-and-roll!

WAY TO ROLL – The Story

Way To Roll is a sensational story built around two equally sensational central characters. Way To Roll aims to do more than simply entertain; the screenplay has been written to enrich and inspire, to say something about the world and about ‘the human condition’. It is intended to be a timeless story about human ‘hearts’, love, relationships, differing world views and values and how they can be reconciled though conflict and antagonism.
It is a story that needs to be told, with a subtle but powerful central message woven throughout the roller-coaster events of the story, and revealed in a climax that is as surprising as it is inevitable – though the latter attribute is only revealed at the end.
The story encapsulated by Way To Roll is unique. While the underlying theme of ‘the human condition’ may have been explored many times and in many ways before, the way the plot and interwoven theme (or premise) of Way To Roll is presented in the screenplay and will be executed in the movie will be something audiences have not yet seen.
Without giving too much away, the plot is based on the conflict between two very different people who are falling in love with each other despite their differences, and central to conveying the underlying premise behind the story, the emotions created by that conflict.
This conflict is expressed with intriguing effect through the interactions of these two main protagonists – both powerful characters following seemingly irreconcilable life-paths defined by conflicting values, but ultimately bound together by love. It is also expressed through a series of events and ‘predicaments’, each inducing a rollercoaster ride of both negative and positive emotions through the antagonistic and often comedic interactions between the two central characters in response to these events.
The story is fast paced, gripping and funny, full of the so-called ‘sparks’ two ‘opposing’ characters create when their differences clash. In a sense these two characters perform a duet routine through the events that create the skeleton of the story, and around the premise that is the essential lifeblood of the story.
The characters are ‘opposites’. Though they both have a peculiar lust for life, Jeanie (wild and complicated) and Rein (who has a peculiar integrity) couldn’t be more different. Nevertheless they are each brilliant, witty, sparkling and a little mysterious – interesting each in their own way. They also both exhibit particular positive traits, including kindness, integrity, courage and intelligence, that will inspire the empathy and identification in the audience required to give the movie universal appeal. Along with the characters, the viewer will experience a loaded range of human emotions: ambivalence, lust, anger, acceptance, aggression, confusion, rage, frustration, fear and doubt, love, affection, pleasure, hope, ecstasy, compassion, forgiveness, pride and joy.
Besides the crucial empathy factor, the screenplay boasts credibility and authenticity. The characters are credible, complex and compelling; the plot authentic and realistic. Way To Roll will be memorable not only for its quality and execution, but for its characters and the impact that they have on the audience, and the well-structured and convincing plot – maximally organized to sustain the audience’s interest through the skillful manipulation of intriguing complications, and ever-increasing conflict.
Way To Roll is unconventional and along with its execution and the expression of the characters and emotions, it has plenty of surprises, twists and turns and other dramatic elements that make up good story-telling. In addition, the intended momentum, sound and overall intensity of the production from macro to micro elements (from ‘the inside out’ so to speak) will all contribute giving Way To Roll memorable impact.
Way To Roll has a passionate emotional core, memorable characters, a dynamic structure and a plot that thrusts the two leads into a compelling predicaments in a fully realized world, with witty dialogue that ‘pops’.

Specific intentions, aims and aspects to the production of Way To Roll include:

The realization of an extraordinary chemistry between the two central characters and the delivery of a superb and memorable love story – intimate, passionate, emotional, romantic and intense.

The delivery of a tight and professionally produced movie with the best in scriptwriting, acting, directing, cinematography, score, production design, lighting, wardrobe, make-up and hair.

Direction aimed at creating a realistic feel to picture-perfect scenes, in conjunction with the utilization of a diverse cast pool to achieve the dynamic interplay you get when you put established actors, new actors, amateurs and ‘real people’ (non-actors) together in the same scene.

To achieve mass audience appeal; to engage and draw the audience into a dramatic and entertaining cinematic experience and to engender familiar empathy for the characters Rein and Jeanie.

To achieve a production tailored specifically to parallel, embrace and improve on the elements that today’s highest-grossing blockbuster movies contain.

Low production costs and high marketability.

To produce one of the most successful independent movies.