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Writer/Director/Actor – Abraham Frederick Strauss


About Abraham Frederick Strauss – Writer / Actor / Director


After courting a life-long love of movies and of the art of movie-making, South African-born Abraham Strauss formally emigrated from South Africa to the USA in 2005 in order to pursue a career in the movie industry; to follow a passionate ambition to become and actor and movie-maker.


He joined New York’s HB Studios in Nov 2006. HB Studios is one of the best-known acting institutes in the US, and has been instrumental in producing some of the industries greatest actors, including acting legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Later that year he then joined the ‘Hollywood Film Institute' in New York to learn the art of movie-making, and to learn the skills involved with screenwriting through the ‘Gotham Writers Workshops’.


He also joined the Downtown Community Television Center in New York in 2008, benefitting from extensive networking and workshops in movie production. 


In 2008 he was certified as a Cinema Director and Line Producer by the Hollywood Film Institute, and that same year also graduated from the Hollywood Film Institute in the capacity of Feature Film Producer – an achievement he shares with famous writer / actor / director Quentin Tarantino who attended the very same institute.


He is inspired not only through his love of the industry and storytelling in all its aspects, but also by an interesting and fortunate life spanning two continents, from formative years in South Africa to his adult years in the US.


His innate creativity and his life experiences have provided him with an abundance of stories to tell, each one with a ‘twist’, and over the years he has developed this initial passion and almost instinctive love for movie-making into an aspiration to get involved in all aspects of the industry.


He completed the first draft of his screenplay ‘Way To Roll’ in 2008, after which he commenced travelling back and forth between New York, Miami and South Africa – the three locations featured in the screenplay. He spent two years dedicated to developing the basic first-draft ‘script’ into its present form – a fully developed feature film screenplay ready for production for the international market. 


Way To Roll was copyrighted at the end of 2010 with the United States Copyright Office in Washington D.C.


He will direct Way To Roll himself and as the originator and developer of the project, he further intends to oversee all the creative aspects involved in the making of Way To Roll from pre to post production and finally marketing and distribution. He developed the vision for the movie and he intends to carry out this vision, ultimately deciding on how the movie will look, sound and ‘feel’.  


Furthermore his extensive US education in the nuts-and-bolts aspects of movie production and marketing puts him in an advantageous position to negotiate with all pertinent outside entities - from investors to producers, actors, agents and ultimately the distributors. He is confident to oversee every aspect of the entire executive management process.


He also intends to approve all trade, legal and fiscal obligations, and he will also push for and approve strategic alliances with other companies and organizations as required.


Head of the Way To Roll team, Abraham Strauss has one goal in mind - to produce exciting and entertaining movies, thus maximizing returns on investment, and starting with Way To Roll.





Cinematographer - Niel Venter

As the grandson of a successful commercial cinematographer he grew up assisting and shooting his own subjects. After high school Niel started his education and career in the cinematography industry. He worked from video to being one of the best camera men in South Africa. Niel was selected to be a cinematographer at the “Brazilian Soccer World Cup 2014” by the top sports channel in South Africa; Super Sport. Niel continues demonstrating versatility and range behind the camera as he worked on many different sport and drama television shows encompasses his 15 years’ experience.

He joined the Way To Roll team to further pursue his passion for filmmaking. Niel has one of the major roles in the production of “Way To Roll. He has been working with the director on the development and shooting of experimental scenes of Way To Roll since the end of 2008. He will work closely with the director to give “Way To Roll” its visual signature.

His knowledge of photography and particularly of the use of cameras, lenses, filters, angles and lighting of subjects will be exercised by him to achieve the optimum results. Niel has the following key skills of artistic visions, creativity and precise attention to detail, good color vision, the ability to give and accept direction, excellent communication skills, and the very important diplomacy and tact when working with cast and crew.



Editor - Megan Gill

Way To Roll Pictures goal is to use her as the editor.

Megan Gill has been editing movies for the last 20 years. She is the top editor in South Africa and she edited the Oscar winning movie "Tsotsi". She will be responsible for the editing process of assembling a series of shots to form a logical sequence. She will work with the director to ensure that the pacing, subtext and the emotions are conveyed the most effectively. She possesses a strong sense of timing and an outstanding storytelling ability to assemble a logical, entertaining, and emotionally driven story from thousands of individual shots. She has many movies to her editing credits:

  •     Material
  •     Otelo Burning
  •     Spud
  •     Jozi
  •     X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  •     Nothing But the Truth
  •     Rendition
  •     Crossroads (TV movie)
  •     Tsotsi
  •     Dead Easy
  •     Gaz'lam (TV series)
  •     Pure Blood


Score, Sound Mix and Foley - Sven Larsen

Sven started playing music in 1975. He toured with various bands, such as Friendship, a nine - piece all African band, later teaming up with PJ Powers touring Africa.

In 1982 he started a studio career with Ray Phiri of Stimela, Lucky Dube, Steve Kekana and many more. Later on he started producing and writing music for various artists in all genres and more recently for Stoan from Bongo Muffins CD’s.

Currently Sven writes music for television (SABC), film scores (multiple award winning Short Films), including "Lucky", nominated for a Hollywood Film Festival Award, as well as final mixing. He recently won a South African Film and Television (SAFTA) Award and was selected to represent South Africa in an International Song Contest in Taiwan, in which the South African contingent won numerous awards.

He has also composed 5 CD's of African Library music, which is released in 39 countries. His clients range from; A.N.C., S.A.B.C., B.B.C., COCA COLA to BMW and many more.

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist - Genevieve Jevon

She started at an early age doing her friends make up before they explored the nightlife when she discovered that that’s what she wants to pursue as a career. Her passion for transforming people continued and she received her diploma in Fashion and Photographic make-up. She has widespread knowledge and many years experience in the make-up industry specializing in make-up applications for photography and various forms of media. She studied at Professional Make-up in 2001 and was a tutor at the school. She communicates well with people at all levels, can perform under pressure, work with colleagues and she’s a team player. She’s confident, tactful and can work long and unusual hours keeping a high standard. She applies her creative imagination and strong visual sense, along with enigmatic stamina to produce an array of images and presentations. For producing Way To Roll she’ll be creative when required to and do classic beauty applications on the talent using all her corrective techniques. Way To Roll Pictures have the privilege to use her not just because of everything mentioned but also for her eye for perfection, fine detail and dedication to her clients.

CEC - Below the line Agent

As founder and head of Creative Entertainment Connections (CEC), Laura Siegel leverages an unparalleled understanding of the movie and television industry. Laura has been a prominent fixture in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years.

Directly prior to founding CEC Laura was responsible for sales and marketing at Panavision NY, where she was instrumental in raising Panavision’s visibility within the industry. By establishing close and trusted relationships with all levels of production staff - from producers, directors, cinematographers and other crew members, Laura gained the eyes and ears of the people responsible for production.

Laura also serves on the board of the Long Island Film and Television Foundation. She is responsible for getting all the production crew in the U.S.A. for Way To Roll Pictures.


Entertainment Attorney - Marc Jacobson

He has significant experience in the entertainment and Internet industries. He currently advises many clients on the business and intellectual property issues faced by entertainment businesses in the digital age. This includes matters relating to the creation, development and exploitation of intellectual property rights in internet base content as well as film, television, video, music and theatrical properties.

As a result of Marc's broad business and legal background, he is an advisor to a diverse group of individuals and companies in connection with production, licensing, financing, recording, distribution, publishing, joint venture, personal service and related contracts. He handles the purchase and sale of music publishing catalog and the financing, production, and distribution of filmed entertainment.

He is also the founding Chairman of the New York State Bar Association Section on Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law.


Complete Solutions Consultants - Kobie Grobler

Complete Solutions Consultants (CSC) was established in 1996, primarily to introduce Government incentives to entrepreneurs in the Manufacturing and Movie sector. The clientele of CSC grew to such an extent that it is now amongst the top incentive consultancy firms in the country.

The consultancy services provided by CSC include financial business planning, compiling and submission of applications, compiling and submission of claims and also assistance with the application of loans from financial institutions.